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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double rainbow sighted!

Date Taken : 27.3.2011
Place : Taman Mawar, Pasir Gudang
Time : 07.12PM

 these rainbow formed right after heavy rain pouring down upon my current resident at Pasir Gudang..

these images captured after the super heavy rain..if you could notice that there are 2 line of rainbow formed..that should call it phenomenal..!!

did you noticed it? right over on top of the 1st one. i've never been seen anything like this before..this was my first time. but surely its beautiful..!

Nie gambar pelangi berkembar yg aku sendiri tangkap kat area gambang kuantan...waktu lebih kurang 6.45 petang tarikh dia aku dh tak ingat tapi lebih kurang 1 bulan lepas...pelik kan lebih kurang sama jer masa dia dngan gambar yg kt atas

ps ; aku tangkap gambar sambil bawak keta...;p  (kalau korang x nampak, klik gambar pas tu zoom, tengok sebelah kiri pelangi)
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