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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ko penah kena tindih mase tido?

korang pernah kena tindih mase tido?
macam mane rasenye?
macam kena tindih?
macam kena duduk kan?
macam ado batu bosa yg tongah  baik punyo dudok atas kome sume mase tido?
berpeluh2, complete paralyses,raso nak terberok?
some guy said this is nonsense while others believe it and surely there is an logical explanation for the phenomenon.
sure there is and you just have to type it at google san. you'll find alot of it. have time to read.
correct term for this is sleep paralysis.
some said macam2 sebab yg menyumbang kearah fenomena ini. most of them clinically researched and all based to logically.
well, if it is logical for you, its for you la kan..
but others?
ps ; sebenarnya kejadian nie kalau ikut sains, kita sebenarnya masih tidur tetapi otak dan mata tersedar dari tidur....aik!!! macam mana tu...kompius2...itu psl bila kita nak gerakkan badan tak boleh kerana badan kita masih tidur... =="
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